Solo Para Ti, means “Only For You” in Spanish. Our founder, Pamela Ortiz, created this business because she is extremely passionate about beauty and skincare products. She is an Afro-Latina, born in the United States, her mother is Dominican-American and father is Dominican. Pamela decided to name her first business in Spanish because that is the first language she learned to speak. Her mother taught her Spanish because she felt that it was important for Pamela to understand the language her people spoke and to keep the Spanish language alive. She wanted to do the same—to teach others the Spanish language. 


Why the name “Solo Para Ti''? This is because our founder makes these products for people who want great quality luxurious, organic skincare that is easily accessible but safe for your skin. Our founder formulated all the products herself from scratch, only for you. That being said our products are made fresh only for you, to help take care of you! Whether you’re having a bad day or a beautiful day, Solo Para Ti, is there to brighten your mood.